Monday, June 9, 2014

Reflecting back

Coming into this art class on the first day I had very low expectations of what I would be able to accomplish throughout the year. Looking back now, I can say I'm very proud of myself and all the pieces of art I produced this year. I've learned so much throughout all of the art classes. I've learned how to shade properly, make water color papers, I learned proportion and so many more techniques. I'm particularly proud of my candy jar drawing and my totem pole made out of clay. Although I put my best effort into everything I made this year, the candy jar drawing has been one of the pieces I've grown to like the most. I like how realistic the jar looks and how colorful all the candy is! I'm proud of my totem pole because of how difficult coming up with my story was. I was afraid my totem pole wasn't going to go along with my story but I believe it does. I like the structure of my totem pole and the colors of all of the clay pieces. I enjoyed making my totem pole and enjoyed the experience! 

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