Monday, June 16, 2014

My time capsule box

Going into this project, I really didn't know the items I would put I'm my box or how I would decorate the outside. I spent a lot of time contemplating what I wanted in the box. Did I want meaningful items or just random things I thought were cool? As I thought about it more and more what I wanted became more clear. I decided to put meaningful items inside my box. Pictures, letters from friends and loved ones, a magazine and other important items. What these items say about me now is that I'm growning up but still trying to hold onto my past. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Reflecting back

Coming into this art class on the first day I had very low expectations of what I would be able to accomplish throughout the year. Looking back now, I can say I'm very proud of myself and all the pieces of art I produced this year. I've learned so much throughout all of the art classes. I've learned how to shade properly, make water color papers, I learned proportion and so many more techniques. I'm particularly proud of my candy jar drawing and my totem pole made out of clay. Although I put my best effort into everything I made this year, the candy jar drawing has been one of the pieces I've grown to like the most. I like how realistic the jar looks and how colorful all the candy is! I'm proud of my totem pole because of how difficult coming up with my story was. I was afraid my totem pole wasn't going to go along with my story but I believe it does. I like the structure of my totem pole and the colors of all of the clay pieces. I enjoyed making my totem pole and enjoyed the experience! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Totem Pole Story

In the summer last year my family took a trip to Jamaica. It was my first time ever leaving the country so I was ecstatic. I had no idea how the trip was going to of but I couldn't wait to get on the plane. When my family and I were about to land I couldn't help but to stare out the window and look at how crystal clear the water was. That sight was truly breath taking. When we landed the first thing I realized was how small the airport was. After going through security and gathering our luggage many Jamaican men approached us and offered to take our bags to the bus. What I didn't realize at the time was that they really needed money so I was happy when my Dad tipped them. On our way to the stunning Hilton Hotel I was saddened by how most of the Jamaicans were living. I discovered the money they made everyday was used to purchase bricks to add to their "houses". I felt so guilty staying in a beautiful hotel when many Jamaicans didn't even have complete houses. The ocean in Jamaica was crystal clear and really warm. We took a boat out to where the water was really deep and we were able to see coral reefs, sting rays, and sharks. We also had the opportunity to ride on a banana float. It was definitely the coolest but scariest experience of my life. The food we ate the whole week was delicious. Every morning there was a buffet of fruit and omelets and every night there was seafood, steak, jerk chicken and vegetables. My trip to Jamaica was such an eye opening experience. It will forever be the most memorable time of my teenage years and I hope to visit again someday soon.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fortune cookie book page

I was very disappointed with myself looking at my finished work. I felt very rushed to finish this project and feel like I could've been more creative. I had a different idea of what I was going to do and last minute I changed my mind completely. This was a really cool project and I wish I could've done a better job. My original idea was to have a path way to the "future" and have what I wanted to do in the future put into it somehow. 

Art x 3

When I found out about this project I was eager to get started...until I found out I was going to be passing my work off to someone else. When I got started, I really liked what I put on it but then I have to give it up. The next day I got someone else's work which I would be adding to and then passing it on again. The last day I finally got someone's work that I would call mine. Personally, I did not like what this person had put on their project and tried to do some covering up. In the end, I diffintely got a different vision than others. The life lesson I took away from this is people have their own taste and style and they're going to add what they like and you either deal with it or you change it to the way you like it. 

Pop Art Project

I really enjoyed this project overall. I chose to do a print of a face wash. It wasn't very interesting but in the end I really didn't mind. I enjoyed curving the print out of the stamp and making different colored ink prints. I'm not sure why I leaned toward reproducing the face wash. I liked the shape of the bottle and I thought it would look cool to do a mass-production of it. While curving the the face wash out I added some lines on the outside of the curved out bottle so it would look cool when I inked it. As it turned out the lines fortunately showed up and looked pretty cool. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Attack of the blues

We have recently made a collection of blue items. Portia Munson's work has inspired us to start a collection of our own. Some people brought in items that were interesting to them while others brought anything they could find that was blue. Either way our collection has become something bigger. They all fit in with each other not only because of their color but because they are all random. Our items in my opinion represent the time we are living in. Everything in our collection is modern for the most part. If someone who didn't live in this time looked at our collection I think they would be interested in our use of the items. I like how many different shades of blue there is and how they come together.

Everything blue

Reflecting pool by Portia Munson